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1. I'm interested in buying a new home, what is the process?

  1. Get pre-approved for a mortgage! Knowing exactly what your budget is and what you are comfortable spending will help guide your search for a new home. If you own an existing home, investigate what you will be able to sell it for and the timing of your sale (sell first, then purchase/build, or sell during build etc.)

  2. Visit our show home or contact us directly (by phone or via email through the website). The show home is a great starting point to get an overview of what Touchstone has to offer. Even if the show home isn’t the specific style you’re looking for, it’s still a great testament to the superior craftsmanship of Touchstone Homes. Typically, after visiting us at the show home or after a phone call we will follow up with an email with details relating to what you’re looking for such as, feature sheets/listings, plans, the build calculator, available lot info etc.

  3. Set up a meeting to discuss the details of your potential new home. You probably have some questions, and we have more in-depth info we’d like to share with you. We can go over all of this and more in a meeting.

2. Can I build a new home when I still have an existing home to sell?

Yes. Lenders have financing options for people who have a home to sell. It is generally not a problem to sell your current home after the construction process is underway. We’d be happy to recommend a Mortgage Specialist if you need.


3. I have a floor plan in mind that I like. Can you build it with certain changes?

Yes. It’s great if you already have an idea of what you’d like to build! We can incorporate any potential changes and offer a second set of eyes to review the plans to see if there is anything that can be improved on the plan. If your plan requires a little bit more development, we are happy to set up a meeting with our designer/draftsperson. Together we can help interpret your ideas and make them into a custom plan of your own.


4. I already own a lot. Can you build my dream home?

Yes. Whether it’s an empty lot or one that requires demolition of an old home we are happy to work with what you have. We love the challenge of designing your new home to make the most out of your lot’s unique character.


5. What is your lot holding policy?

A lot can be placed on hold, to allow us time to discuss, price, and put together a contract without having to worry about someone else purchasing that lot before you. A $2,000 deposit will hold your lot for up to a month. Anytime within that time frame, you can decide to cancel, and your deposit will be refunded. After the month, all or part of the deposit may be held to cover design and land-holding costs. The $2,000 deposit is fully applied towards the home purchase.


6. How long will it take Touchstone to build my new custom home?

Typically, it will take approximately 6 months to build your custom home from the time construction begins (excavation). However, there are variables that may lengthen this schedule such as project complexity, change orders, weather, product/material availability etc. Making your selections early will help us to complete the home more quickly and efficiently. Planning a full custom home and satisfying the regulatory and permit requirements can take three months or more before construction can begin.


7. Do I need a Real Estate Agent?

Realtors receive a commission based on the contract price of your house. We are happy to work with Realtors and recognize the comfort they can add to the buyer’s transaction. However, a real estate agent is not essential to the new home sales process. A buyer can work directly with Touchstone to plan and purchase your new home. Alternatively, for an additional level of confidence, you could hire an independent home inspector before possession.


8. How can I be sure I'm getting the best price possible?

Touchstone works hard to build your quality home efficiently with competitive pricing. As we work with you through the design process, you are provided with budget prices. Once the design has been finalized and preliminary plans and specifications are ready, we will provide our best price for your approval. The final price is always within the budgets previously discussed, so there are no surprises.

9. How is a full custom construction financed?

A custom build follows the construction mortgage draw approach, to ensure the lowest cost. We start construction with a 10% deposit (contract dependent). As the home progresses you will be able to make draws against the new home’s mortgage based on the progress inspections, usually at the 50% & 75% completion stages. The final payment is made once the home is finished and ready for your possession. We will explain the process and help you through it as work progresses. We can discuss other financing options with you as well.


10. How will you help us through the building process?

Our team is here to help you through the entire home building process! Our in-office Interior Designer will walk you through the custom selection process and can help you achieve the look you desire. We will also recommend various Touchstone verified suppliers to work with you for things such as flooring, lighting & stone etc. Our recommendations are based on our customers’ experiences and the suppliers meeting our standards for quality and integrity. During construction, we are happy to tour you through the site (when safe to do so) so you can enjoy the whole process!


11. What is the best way to reach Touchstone?

During construction please send all correspondence to our Project Coordinator/Designer. She is there to help you through the process and is your sole point of contact. Feel free to call the office or email her directly. Except for show home staff, we are generally not available on evenings and weekends. These breaks allow us to be 100% at your service during regular business hours.


12. Are site visits allowed during construction?

We are pleased to take you through your home while it is under construction. All site visits must be scheduled, and the homeowner is always accompanied by Touchstone project staff. We are very careful to control & monitor all our construction sites for quality and safety. In consideration of safety regulations, only certified workers are allowed on sites and safety equipment is required.


13. What sets Touchstone's homes apart from Saskatoon's many builders?

Touchstone delivers the best possible home to fit your lifestyle and budget. Our entire team is dedicated to building the highest quality home as efficiently as possible. No builder matches our attention to detail and project supervision, from ensuring that the foundation and site preparation is done properly, to the final completion and servicing of your unique home. We use innovative and comprehensive online project management software that allows us to track EVERY SINGLE DETAIL of the build process. We offer progress meetings during construction so we can keep you in the loop as your unique home is built.


14. How are new Touchstone homes better than other existing homes?

Some of the advantages of new construction are improved kitchens and baths built for today’s lifestyle, improved mechanical systems, new fixtures and appliances, much-improved energy efficiency, higher quality materials, newer technology and far less required exterior maintenance. Building a new home allows you to make your own choices get exactly what you want.


15. Can you build in the winter?

Yes! Winter does not stop us from building! Touchstone has used its experience to develop a set of best practices to make sure that your new home is built to last. We take extra steps to ensure that the foundation, water drainage, back-fill, and building envelope are built to our high standards and are complete and effective against water problems and the elements. Care is taken to adapt construction to seasonal requirements. The integrity of the air seal is verified throughout the home using advanced imaging and inspection processes.


Touchstone offers the comprehensive Saskatchewan New Home Warranty. This includes a complete one-year material and workmanship warranty, 2-year water penetration warranty, and a 10-year major structural warranty. Your deposit is also guaranteed by the program (up to $50,000). Certain home systems and components, such as our heating and air conditioning systems, carry additional warranties.


16. What type of homes does Touchstone Build?

We offer three levels of service, move-in ready homes, customizable production homes, and full custom homes. Our customizable production homes are homes currently under construction.  A partially finished home allows buyers the option to select interior finishes. If you are interested in one of our customizable production homes, you can meet our designer at our office to discuss your options.


17. What is the customizable option on your spec/inventory homes?

Some of our inventory homes are available for customization. These homes are a great option for people wanting to add their own personal touches to a new home without going through the full design/build process. You can select flooring, countertops, paint colors, lighting, and deck options. Touchstone will complete the home with your design selections.

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